Friday, 5 February 2016

We have been busy the last two years

The story so far

The Aylestone Lane Community Allotment was created in March 2014, after the TCV “Food Champions” project came to an end. We are a bunch of enthusiastic volunteers that meet regularly on the site to plant seeds, have meaningful conversations about anything and everything, do a bit of digging and of course the odd cup of tea and always a biscuit!

Over the past two yeas we have been developing the site and have created three large plots for traditional crop rotation.

We have produced a variety of different vegetables, fruits and salads including different
coloured tomato's, beans, beetroot and radishes.

The picture on the right shows you a small

section of the produce that we grow.

At the end of each session we share out the produce. It's always a pleasure to taste fresh food that has not been sprayed with any nasty chemicals.

Poly tunnel

Early spring in 2014 we erected a large poly tunnel, which has helped us to extend the growing season. 

Square Foot Garden

We have planted square gardens, that can fit into the smallest garden, this can help to provide food all though the year.


As we value sustainability, we save as many seeds as possible and have had quite a success with growing plants from seeds. We compost as much as possible and are experimenting with a hot compost system. This means that we do not take anything from the land.
Edible Forest Garden

Our lasted project is the “Edible Forest Garden”. Over the last year we have been developing this project. We grafted heritage Leicester apple trees last March and now they are planted in the garden and are doing very well!

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