Thursday, 18 October 2012

Allotment soup

What could be better after a long, hard morning on the allotment than a bowl of 'allotment soup' made from vegetables picked from the plot that morning!

This week saw the official opening of the allotment kitchen (not as grand as it sounds - it's really just a couple of camping stoves on a picnic table) and our first creation was a triumph. We started by chopping and gently frying an onion,  before adding some garlic to the pan. This was followed by pretty much anything and everything which was ready to be harvested, such as potatoes, courgette, leek, carrot, pakchoi, chives, and various other herbs. We added some vegetable stock, left it to simmer for half an hour, then tucked in to our first allotment creation. Second and third helpings were devoured eagerly, and everyone went home happy with full tummies and a warm glow inside.

What other wonderful creations will emerge from the allotment kitchen over the winter?

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